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ISOVOLTA NSA931130 fuse range available in SUPRAERO

ISOVOLTA NSA931130 fuse range available in SUPRAERO

The new range of ISOVOLTA France NSA931130 fuses is now available in SUPRAERO.

NSA931130 ISOVOLTA fuse for aeronautics

SUPRAERO integrates to its products offer the new NSA931130 fuses qualified by AIRBUS and AIRBUS HELICOPTERS.
With this new product range, SUPRAERO strengthens its partnership with ISOVOLTA France as the exclusive representative of NSA931130 fuses.

ISOISOVOLTA AG a leading international manufacturer of electrical insulating materials, technical laminates. About 20 industries – from electronics to aviation to engineering – rely on the broad ISOVOLTA product portfolio and customised and innovative new product developments.

All NSA931130 fuse range products available in SUPRAERO :





 NSA931130-15S  Fuse 40A  NSA931130-15S ECS0856-15S
 NSA931130-16S  Fuse 50A  NSA931130-16S ECS0856-16S
 NSA931130-03S  Fuse 80A  NSA931130-03S ECS0856-03S
 NSA931130-04S  Fuse 100A  NSA931130-04S ECS0856-04S
 NSA931130-05S  Fuse 130A  NSA931130-05S ECS0856-05S
 NSA931130-06S  Fuse 150A  NSA931130-06S ECS0856-06S
 NSA931130-07S  Fuse 200A  NSA931130-07S ECS0856-07S
 NSA931130-08S  Fuse 225A  NSA931130-08S ECS0856-08S
 NSA931130-18S  Fuse 275A  NSA931130-18S ECS0856-18S
 NSA931130-10S  Fuse 300A  NSA931130-10S ECS0856-10S
 NSA931130-19S  Fuse 325A  NSA931130-19S ECS0856-19S
 NSA931130-11S  Fuse 350A  NSA931130-11S ECS0856-11S
 NSA931130-12S  Fuse 400A  NSA931130-12S ECS0856-12S
 NSA931130-13S  Fuse 500A  NSA931130-13S ECS0856-13S
 NSA931130-14S  Fuse 600A  NSA931130-14S ECS0856-14S


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