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SUPRAERO signs a new partnership with PIC Wire & Cable

SUPRAERO signs a new partnership with PIC Wire & Cable

SUPRAERO and PIC Wire & Cable are proud to announce their new partnership for the distribution of PIC's solutions in France.

PIC Wire & CablePIC Wire & Cable is a US global provider of electronic cables, cable connectors, avionic cable assemblies and antenna gaskets for demanding military, corporate and commercial applications that include airplanes, helicopters, ground vehicles, rail transport and marine vessels.

PIC cable products are designed and manufactured to meet the stringent electrical and mechanical performance criteria required for these advanced electronic applications - low loss, EMI immunity, light weight, high temperature. PIC has over 35 years of application success in programs worldwide.

SUPRAERO is now able to provide a full range of aircraft cables, connectors, cable assemblies and gaskets

  • RFMATES® : Aircraft Coaxial Cables 50 Ohm & Aircraft Triaxial Cables - 50 Ohm
  • VideoMATES® : Aircraft Coaxial 75 Ohm & Aircraft Triaxial Cables - 75 Ohm
  • DataMATES® : Aircraft Databus, Ethernet and Digital Video Cables
  • Connectors : for 50 Ohm RF Coaxial & Triaxial cable, 75 Ohm Video Coaxial & Triaxial cable, High speed Data communications cable
  • MicroMATES® : Aircraft Microwave Cables / Aircraft High Frequency Cables
  • Aircraft Cable Assemblies : Aircraft Cable Assembly Worksheets


» More information about PIC electronic cables, please contact us on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

PIC Wire & Cable : avionic cable assemblies