The aerospace distributor.

Supraero, division of Supratec Group, established since 1995, is specialized in the Aerospace industry. Customers orientated, we are sourcing worldwide either for standard parts or specific customers drawings.

Our certified quality

SuprAero maintains the highest quality managment systems in accordance with ISO9001:2015 & EN9120:2018 and is commited to provide a high quality and reliable service to all its customers.

SuprAero is part of Supratec Group's RSE initiative, which is divided into 3 areas :

  1. Innovate to develop and anticipate market trends
  2. Integrate the environmental dimension into our businesses and guarantee the social acceptability of activities in the territories
  3. Increase the attractiveness, efficiency and social cohesion of the company

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Our products

SuprAero offers a full range of aerospace components : cables, hardware, electronic parts, braids, connectors, safety belts and restraint systems. To satisfy its customers, SuprAero has developed new services of Kitting.

Our suppliers

Beside our specific agreement with Schroth, Forissier, Isovolta and Pic Wire, we are working with more than 350 partners worldwide.

  1. 1.

    A large range of suppliers all over the world, either direct manufacturers or distributors, all expert in their area, all qualified by our quality department.

  2. 2.

    A strong relationship with Precision Engineering Manufacturers to help you with your specific drawing requests.

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Our customers

Our main customers are: